The Maritime Technology Alliance’s mission is to support, foster and promote the industrial, government and academic naval and maritime assets and capabilities resident in Maryland and the surrounding region.

Founding of the Alliance

MTA was the inspiration of Maryland’s US Senator, the Honorable Paul S. Sarbanes. He realized the value, importance and the need to sustain the naval and maritime assets in the region. To embrace the Senator’s vision, MTA was established in August 2001. Since its inception, MTA has worked closely with the Maryland Office of Military & Federal Affairs (OMFA), Montgomery County and the congressional staffs of both Maryland and Virginia and the many naval & maritime businesses in the region.


MTA’s Leadership Team includes a prestigious Board of Directors, led by its President, Robert G. Keane Jr, current President of Ship Design USA Inc. and former Executive Director for Surface Ship Design and Systems Engineering at the Carderock Division of Naval Surface Warfare Center. All Board members have extensive expertise and diverse backgrounds in the naval and maritime arena.

The Mid-Atlantic Region

— A Maritime Hub —

The Mid-Atlantic region is home to the largest and most experienced cadre of scientists and engineers existing in the country today dedicated to naval and maritime technology development and support capabilities

The area is richly endowed with outstanding naval and maritime assetsNavseaCarderock at the Carderock Division Naval Surface Warfare Center in West Bethesda, MD, the U.S Coast Guard Yard facility in Curtis Bay, MD, the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD,USNavalAcademy and the large and very active port facility in Baltimore, MD. USCGYard In addition, there are many outstanding public and private sector organizations, large and small, located in this area that contribute greatly to US naval and maritime superiority while supporting regional economic and national security interests.

Why the Alliance is Needed

We are a maritime nation with substantial military, economic and homeland security needs. Maryland and the surrounding area are home to major maritime assets within the United States.

This extensive array of capabilities, both government and private, needs to be preserved, enhanced, and more effectively utilized.

MTA’s role is to:

  • Educate individuals, government leaders and organizations about these regional capabilities;
  • Serve as a focal point and forum for local naval and maritime interests & activities and promote initiatives in these areas;
  • Actively support the RDT&E capabilities and intellectual capital at the Carderock Division Naval Warfare Center. This laboratory is an invaluable national asset that must be sustained to ensure US naval superiority and maritime economic vitality;
  • Support the U.S. Coast Guard Yard, the principal repair and maintenance facility for new Coast Guard ships and legacy platforms.
  • Serve as a spokesman for these maritime capabilities in the national debate on the reduction of military bases and facilities.

Thus, continued support of the Alliance is essential! Please consider becoming a member.

“With its world-class facilities and highly skilled workforce, the State of Maryland has long played a critical role in bolstering the maritime capabilities of our region and the nation. I am confident that the Maritime Technology Alliance will continue to serve as an effective advocate for the region’s important maritime assets.”

Senator Paul S. Sarbanes (D-MD)